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The SWISS IM&H runs it’s own bar and night club. It is not just a great hub to get to know other students and locals, but also gives our students the opportunity to run it under their own management for special events. This has been very popular amoung all our students. Our institute is located within a stone’s throw of the lake. We even have our own little harbour. Activites such as swimming, hiking, walking, and cycling are available straight from our school. We also organise student excursions to visit places of interest for hotel management studies.






The teaching staff is multinational which enables students to adapt to different cultures of the world. This is of course a must for the success in the field of hospitality Management. They all are highly qualified on their own field.

All classrooms are fully equipped with whiteboards, flipcharts and a variety of visual And audio aid equipment. Our american bar will be also used for beverage classes, bar-practicals. Please Check the timetable carefully to see where your particular classes take place.

Classes take place monday to friday. Classes starts between 08.00 and 09.30 am And may run until 18.00 (different classes may have different timetables). Please Check the timetable for the relevant times for your classes.

The school possesses a collection of books covering many topics. Books can be borrowed from the library during office hours. Any damaged or books which have not Been returned will be charged accordingly.

The school provides meals only for students who are resident on- campus. Three Meals are served on weekdays. Brunch is served at the weekend. Breakfast: 07h30 to 08h00 monday to friday Lunch 12h00 to 12h45 monday to friday Brunch 11h00 to 12h00 saturday and sunday Dinner 18h00 to 18h45 monday to sunday.

The school provides meals to non-resident students: lunch for sfr. 10.00 and dinner For sfr. 8.00, payable beforehand to the person in charge. Cafeteria The school has a kitchen and a cafeteria, which is normally only used only for refreshments during normal study hours.

All general and academic information, announcements and schedules are posted on The relevant notice boards and online in our intranet. All students are responsible to Check the notice boards daily for new and updated information. For more information refer to the Student Manual


Each student is allocated a personal mentor who will guide students throughout the programme. The mentor will provide guidance about the nature of the research and standards expected. Among other things, the mentor will also help with the planning of the research programme, raise questions, make suggestions and steer the student in the right direction, in accordance with his or her own planned route. Ultimately, the work belongs to the student. The mentor is there to ensure the student stays on the right track without too much deviation.


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