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Are SWISS IM&H degrees accredited and recognized?

SWISS IM&H has the official right to issue it’s own degrees. The degree is awarded in accordance with AHLEI, BHA, West Coast University (WCU) and other partner institutes. Therefore, SWISS IM&H degrees are worldwide accredited and recognized.

What are the degrees SWISS IM&H offers to the students?

It is a specialty of SWISS IM&H to offer year based degree. The degrees are as below :

After completing 1st year of bachelor study – Certificate in Hospitality Management

After completing 2nd year of bachelor study – Diploma in Hospitality Management

After completing 3rd year of bachelor study – Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management

After completing 4th year of bachelor study – BBA in Hospitality Management

After completing 1st year of Master study – Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Hospitality Management

After completing 2nd year of Master study – MBA in Hospitality Management

For our Culinary Programme, student must complete the entire programme of two years to be awarded a degree.

What will I learn when I study at SWISS IM&H ? How many credits are there and what are the subjects ?

Please refer to our programme section. You can find the details of the subjects taught with the credits points.


What will happen after my graduation from SWISS IM&H ?

Upon graduation every SWISS IM&H student will be offered at least one job placement around the world by our Graduate Career Center (GCC). This job offer includes five star hotels, restaurants, tourism organizations and even insurance companies, banks etc.

Will SWISS IM&H help me to find internship placement ?

Yes! Of course. We help our students to find their internship placement. We have very professional internship co-coordinator to support your job search. During internship period of the student, our internship co-coordinator will provide every support should a student require. This internship placement is a mandatory part of studies bearing credit hours. Duration of internship is 4-6 months.

How much will I earn during my internship ?

SWISS IM&H students will earn every month at least 2,168 Swiss Franc (CHF) during their internship. It will give them an opportunity to earn around total of 13,000 Swiss Franc (CHF) in 6 months of their internship period per academic year.

Am I allowed to do any part-time job during my study in SWISS IM&H?

Unfortunately not. It is not legal working part-time during your six months theoretical study per year in school but the SWISS IM&H programs give you the possibility to work full-time for 4-6 months during your paid internship.


Are there any dress codes in SWISS IM&H ?

Yes! SWISS IM&H is a professional hospitality management education provider. Therefore, it is a must to maintain professional dress codes for SWISS IM&H students. The dress code is as below :For our male students:Black suit, white shirt and tie.For our female students: Dark cloth pants or skirt with a blouse and jacket and dark closed shoes.***In winter, it is allowed to add a warm sweater or coat.

Is there any dress code for culinary classes ?

Yes, there is culinary dress code in SWISS IM&H. They will receive uniform to attend the culinary classes.

What about the free time ?

During the free time students are allowed to wear their personal dresses but of course in a manner.


Do I need to make full payment before visa ?

No, you do not need to pay the full tuition fee before your visa approval. You pay an initial deposit of 3,000 Swiss Franc (CHF) after you have received the letter of acceptance (LOA). Rest of the amount you need to pay once the visa is approved. If in any case, the visa is rejected, you will be refunded 2,700 Swiss Franc (CHF) immediately after receiving the official rejection from the Swiss authorities. 300 Swiss Franc will be deducted as administrative cost.

Can I pay the fees once I am in Switzerland ?

No. To get the visa stamp in your passport you must prove to the embassy that your tuition fee for the academic year has been paid in full. SWISS IM&H will fax a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the embassy once the fee has been transferred to the school account.

Will SWISS IM&H offer any scholarship ?

Yes! SWISS IM&H offers scholarship for the professional and good academic record holder. Regarding scholarship the decision is done by the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) of SWISS IM&H. For scholarship application please contact us at-


Does SWISS IM&H organize excursion for the students ?

Yes! SWISS IM&H organize excursion for the students twice a year. In the excursion the students are normally taken to the hospitality related organizations where they can practically see what they have learned in the theoretical part of their studies. Excursion can be organized inside or outside of Switzerland.

Are there any extra costs for excursion?

No, there are no extra costs for excursion. It is included in the tuition fees.


Do I require any official English language test such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, etc to enroll at SWISS IM&H ?

No. You do not need any official English language test to get enroll at SWISS IM&H. But if the Swiss embassy requires from you an English test then you might consider to take the test at :Elementary level two – Key English Test (KET)Testpodium will send us the result directly as we are registered institution in testpodium.

Can I get a visa without any official English test ?

Yes, Of course! If your English is good at communicational level and you can correspondence in English, you might get your study visa. For more information, please contact our office or write us at


What facilities are included in my fees ?

Your tuition fee includes 6 months accommodation and meals, one year health insurance, cost of your residence permit, airport pick up, all study materials, excursion, laptop updated with different softwares, your uniform, your Swiss travel card, hi-speed internet (Wi-Fi), involvement in our different student driven clubs such as- sports club, cultural club, language club and science club.

Is it possible to reside out of the campus?

You can reside outside of the campus only after you have resided on campus in your first academic year. To get more information about this, please contact our administrative office or write us at

What happens during the school holidays?

During the school holidays, we allow our students to stay in the campus and serve 3 meals a day without any extra cost. During weekend Brunch and dinner are served. The students who are in internship will not be entitled for this facility.

How many intakes are there in SWISS IM&H per year?

There are four intakes in SWISS IM&H each year. They are : January, April, July and October.

If I get sick, are there any medical facilities?

Yes, there are medical facilities for our students. All our students are medically insured and we have a home doctor. In case of sickness students are supported with the medical facilities and doctor’s support.

How long does it take to get a student visa for Switzerland?

8-12 weeks for non-European Union students and 4-8 weeks for the students from European Union.

What is the procedure from I apply to SWISS IM&H till I reach Switzerland?

Please visit our website in the admission tab to see the admission procedures. The flow chart will clearly guide through the enrollment procedure till your arrival in Switzerland.

Will there be airport pick up for me?

Yes! There will be airport pick up for you during your first arrival in SWISS IM&H. You need to arrive in Zürich International Airport and our representative will bring you to the campus.

Do I have to pay any extra cost for airport pick-up?

No, airport pick up is included in your tuition fee.

Requirements for a student visa in Switzerland

The following required documents must be submitted to the nearest Swiss Embassy to apply for a student visa with Swiss IM & H.

Please fillup three (3) long-term visa application (Application for long stay visa – visa D) with the signature of the student. Application form is downloaded from the link below:

Your latest photo four passport photos (35x45mm) on a white background.

Valid passport (must be valid for up to 3 months): original and three copies.

3 application of staying at home to

The original letter of acceptance issued by the Swiss IM & H and two copies of it.

Payment Certificate of the first year tuition with Swiss IM & H, the original and a copy.

Financial commitment of full time study in Switzerland (minimum 1 year), such as bank certificates, financial statements or business registration certificate of the company or the financial certificateother stakeholders, including the original and the copy.

In case of students receiving scholarships or grants from a school, organization, he/she must have a certificate for the entire cost of living and that learning will be supported by a sponsor. Submit the original papers and a copy.

In the case of guaranteed family, students must have a letter of personal body to guarantee full cost of studying and living for students, along with your passport, financial documents of the person stand out guarantee.

You need latest CV and details, with the original and copies of certificates, diplomas and that students achieve to the submission of the registration dossier.

A letter to know the motivation of the choice of studying Hospitality Management, said the school career so far, and future career plans after studying in Switzerland.

Depending on the circumstances, the Swiss Embassy may request to speak and write English test for applicants.

For more information, please contact the nearest Swiss Embassy or you can also write to us at


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Discover the beauty of Switzerland – Weggis.

Weggis lies on a projection into Lake Lucerne at the southwest base of Rigi, a mountain; such projections are named Weggiserbucht for the one on which Weggis lies. The town has a famously mild climate and is well known for the numerous southern plants (chestnut trees, palms, grapes and orchids) that thrive there.


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